July Solluna Circle PDFs: Greetings, Recipe + Journal Prompts

The theme this month is: Living with More Easefulness

I love the concept of easefulness. It reminds me of slipping from one yoga pose toanother in a flow that feels really good, or when you have a day that just seems to work out without hurrying and rushing…Easefulness has a different energy to me than “easy”, which can feel like we are taking an easier way on. That might be the case too, but for some reason easefulness feels a lot more powerful to me. The reality is that we can create more easefulness to resonate throughout our whole lives, which means that we accomplish our dreams and goals, but without pushing and striving. We can choose instead of chase. We can flow instead
of force. Let’s enter this great river of easefulness together…

With great love,


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